Philippine Aquatic Wildlife Rescue & Response Manual to Marine Turtle Incidents

Five out of seven species of marine turtles can be found in the Philippines and are all protected under Philippine laws. Marine turtles are endangered and continue to be threatened by poaching, fishing gears, pollution, climate change, and habitat degradation.

Marine turtles are usually encountered on the beach while they are nesting and as hatchlings as they make their way to the sea. They could also be found distressed when stranded, diseased, or accidentally caught in fishing gears. The Aquatic Marine Wildlife Rescue and Response Manual on Marine Turtles offers appropriate ways to respond to marine turtle incidents including the release of stranded and captured marine turtles back to the sea, protection of nests, and data collection from dead and live turtles. The proper response ensures that each individual marine turtle is protected and given the chance to make a significant contribution to its population.

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