Philippine Aquatic Wildlife Rescue & Response Manual to Shark & Ray Incidents

There are around 200 species of sharks and rays in the Philippines, some are protected in the Philippines. Sharks and rays strandings and entrapment in fishing gears have been reported more and more regularly in the past few years. Due to lack of knowledge on how to respond to such incidents, some of these animals die or are sold and eaten by members of the coastal community.

Sharks and rays are more susceptible to fishing pressures, compared to other fishes, because they generally mature late and reproduce slowly. There is an urgent need to conserve shark and ray populations to preserve the integrity of our marine ecosystems. The Aquatic Marine Wildlife Rescue and Response Manual on Sharks and Rays will help communities and field officers to respond to various incidents, from a whale shark stranded on a beach, to a manta ray entangled in fishing gear and collect information to help conserve them better.

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