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A good marine wildlife watcher is fueled by passion and commitment, but more importantly, equipped with knowledge. To protect and keep an eye on our marine wildlife, we have to be knowledgeable of their characteristics, ecology, reproduction, life cycle, and the threats they face. We use these facts to know what may be good and bad for them. We must also be familiar with the laws that protect them. This way, we may take legal actions against people that abuse and harm our marine wildlife. We really have to take time in reading and reviewing all these. Some facilities disguise themselves as conservation and/or rehabilitation facilities, but are actually the greatest threats to our marine wildlife.

For you reference, on this page you’ll find a list of laws that covers the protection of our marine wildlife. A brief description is provided to help you. You can browse through it to enrich your knowledge, or double check legal bases if you have any facility in mind that you think violates the law. A list of prohibitions is also provided.

You may also read more about marine wildlife and their ecology from our Publications and Facebook page. Have fun learning!

Carpe diem. Sea-ize the day!

Being here, you must be interested in learning more to protect our marine wildlife. For starters, not all marine wildlife are protected by the law. The law only protects marine wildlife that are generally classified as “threatened.” Threatened species are species with a conservation status ranging from VU (Vulnerable), EN (Endangered), to CR (Critically Endangered). […]