Educational Outreach and Training

Better understanding of marine biodiversity in the Philippine Seas is promulgated through various educational outreach activities in communities while technical training is provided to conservation managers and workers.

Some marine wildlife information materials for your use:

Pawikan Watch PH Materials - Download these Fact Sheets on Marine Turtles nesting in the Philippines. Learn more about the nesting pawikans in the Philippines.
What do the Pawikans need from us? - Download these resource on how you could contribute to marine turtle conservation in the Philippines.
Sharks and Rays 2020 Roadmap Brochure - A shortened version of the 2020 Roadmap for Sharks and Rays. This is ready for printing in A4 paper and can be distributed in events. Get to know more about the status of our sharks in the Philippines and know the steps that the Philippines is taking to conserve more shark populations in its seas. These are available in Filipino, English, and Bisaya.
Shark Conservation Policy Brief 2021 - National policies on shark conservation have been proposed in the House of Representatives and Senate. The proposed Shark Conservation Act of the Philippines, written as a result of a series of workshops and events, has provisions addressing the problems concerning fisheries, bycatch, trade, release, labelling issues and utilization of sharks. The right legal framework and government support will ensure implementation of laws leading to the success of the conservation efforts on sharks.
Marine Turle