Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines is a non-profit, non- government, conservation organization that aims for a better appreciation of Philippine marine biodiversity. Your donations will help us achieve this goal through our conservation work.

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Please know that giving monetary donations is not the only way to help. If you have the time and skills to share, you may volunteer. If you have none of what is mentioned, you may take part in our advocacy by spreading the word. Like us on Facebook, read, be informed, and share. Let us all work together for a marine wildlife-friendly lifestyle.


Frequently Asked Questions

Events (Speaker Invite)

MWWP does not have any full-time staff, so we do not always have the human resources to speak in different events.
Please email info@mwwphilippines.org the following:

  • short introduction about your event
  • short introduction about yourself/your group
  • date, time, and venue of event
  • what type of participation you'd like from us, e.g., exhibit, booth, speaker, co-organizer, etc. (if as a speaker) what topic you would like us to discuss and time limit
  • other relevant requirements from us
Sponsorships / Partnerships

We have very limited resources and cannot provide any financial support for events. We can partner by sharing information/knowledge materials, sharing details of your event on our social media accounts if relevant to our cause, and providing a resource person if schedule permits.

Fundraisers / Activities

We are open to fundraising or awareness raising efforts on any level! But before you start your fundraiser/activity and use our name or logo, please email info@mwwphilippines.org about your initiative, so we know and can share the details on our social media accounts.


We can be tapped for training related to marine wildlife conservation, including research, rescue response, tourism interactions, conservation planning, awareness raising, among others. Please email info@mwwphilippines.org for your capacity building needs so we could customize a training for you.


We are one of the leading organizations focused on marine biodiversity conservation in the Philippines. Our board of directors and project team members can be tapped to help you develop and implement projects, conservation plans, and training modules related to marine wildlife to name a few. Get in touch with us via email at info@mwwphilippines.org so we could discuss your problems and needs.

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